The founder’s journey…​

Veronika Solloway​

Chartered Occupational Psychologist
Trained and registered with BPS and HCPC

2000 - 2003
Year: 2000
  • A-levels at Reading College, UK
  • Discovered a love of psychology
Year: 2003
  • Psychology BSc
  • Royal Holloway University of London
  • Discovered why people feel and behave the way they do
2006 – 2008​
Year: 2006
  • Worked for ICICI Bank
  • Discovered my purpose…to help people live more productive and happier lives
Year: 2007
  • Masters in Occupational Psychology
  • Discovered how I could help businesses solve people challenges and people to solve business challenges
Year: 2008
  • Selection and assessment at BBC
  • Discovered how to interview, assess and place the right people into the right jobs
2018 – 2020
Year: 2018
  • Principal Consultant at Amberjack Global
  • Designed and delivered assessment solutions for Unilever, Tesco, Avon, National Audit Office, MTC Novo, Price Waterhouse and Cooper…
Year: 2020
  • Launched iGrow Careers
2012 – 2017
Year: 2012
  • Occupational Psychologist at Sainsbury’s Plc
  • Assessing and recruiting candidates at all levels (early careers – managers – executives)
Year: 2017
  • Qualified as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist
  • Approved by the British Psychological Society and Health Care and Professional Counsel

Hello, ​

Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Veronika – business owner, career coach and dog lover!

Thank you for visiting the iGrow Careers site. I hope you will find everything you are looking for. ​

I started iGrow Careers in the wake of the 2020 pandemic – when we all needed and still need extra support in our lives and careers. Now, I’m helping people around the world find purpose, pass interviews and get to the right place.​

I spent years studying and practising psychology to the highest standard in the UK

Alongside my studies, I was working as an occupational psychologist, recruiting and developing people in companies such as Unilever, Tesco, Avon, National Audit Office, Price Waterhouse and Cooper, Sainsbury’s and the BBC. I know what companies are looking for and what it takes to do well in a company. I’ve also worked with people who were extremely capable and experienced but found themselves lost – up against a barrier or needing to gain an ‘edge’ over their competition. I discovered that even the most gifted and confident people get nervous; we all need support sometimes.​

It is my ongoing pleasure and mission to enable people to find clarity and reach their goals. I work with people at all stages of their career: executives, managers, professionals, graduates and school leavers

My only request is that you are open to growth. I would be delighted schedule a discovery call with you.

How we’ll work with you

We will make a plan that is tailored to your needs and budget.
But it could look like…

Free Discovery Call (15 mins)


Assesses your mission,
purpose, values, strengths,
goals and barriers.


Design a coaching and development plan that meets your needs, timelines and budget.


Provide goal and solution
focussed career coaching.
Signposting you to


Review of progress,
spotting new career barriers
and opportunities.

1 hour / £50​​

1.5 hours / £125​

1.5 hours / £125​

1 hour / £50​





Corporate Clients